More progress on the visual

I’ve made more progress on my “trace” visual, after the last post I was able to persist a sliver of an image to make the “slit scan” look, but that was just tracking from the center of the screen. Since I am tracking users via kinect (and pulling the RGB image from the kinect), the next step was to build the trace from the current location of the user:


After getting that to work the next step was to attempt to isolate the user from the background. I considered a background replacement algorithm (I haven’t ruled it out yet), but since I vaguely know the height of the user’s head I can work from that point down to only show the user. I wasn’t tracking height previously, so with a few changes I was able to get that information and vaguely approximate the user’s height (I jumped a couple of times about 3/4 of the way through):

miller-trace-heights-followThe next step was scaling the visual because my projector is 1280px wide. Processing’s resize function for PImages gives crazy results every time I used it, so working with pixel data, I “manually” stretched each sliver to be the appropriate width. Still need to figure out how I’m going to work with height:




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  1. Mike

    Is there anyway to track based on the position of the eyes? Maybe create a mask that aligns around the distance from the eyes. It might not work if you turn your head but if you are looking forward the whole time you might get it to line up….just a thought. Gook Luck!