More progress on the visual

I’ve made more progress on my “trace” visual, after the last post I was able to persist a sliver of an image to make the “slit scan” look, but that was just tracking from the center of the screen. Since I am tracking users via kinect (and pulling the RGB image from the kinect), the next step was to build the trace from the current location of the user:


After getting that to work the next step was to attempt to isolate the user from the background. I considered a background replacement algorithm (I haven’t ruled it out yet), but since I vaguely know the height of the user’s head I can work from that point down to only show the user. I wasn’t tracking height previously, so with a few changes I was able to get that information and vaguely approximate the user’s height (I jumped a couple of times about 3/4 of the way through):

miller-trace-heights-followThe next step was scaling the visual because my projector is 1280px wide. Processing’s resize function for PImages gives crazy results every time I used it, so working with pixel data, I “manually” stretched each sliver to be the appropriate width. Still need to figure out how I’m going to work with height:




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