Final Visual?

After my last post I tested the shatter effect on the actual installation (previously I was testing on my laptop), and I wasn’t happy with the results. When the lines are projected in full scale it feels much different than on a laptop screen. The shatter effect moved these lines further away horizontally, but didn’t disrupt the projection in any other direction, which wasn’t my intention. So I returned to the ripple effect and tweaked the visuals for the slit-scan tracking. The images shown below are a trace of me moving through the testing area at varying speeds (which determines to fidelity of the visual), and moving left/right/forward and backwards.

IMG_0135 IMG_0158 IMG_0132


I’m happy with the final visual, but it’s much more dependent on lighting than the previous projection (the pink background), because of this I will need to include a few studio lights in my final setup when I film the completed project. The lights will need to illuminate the user(s) in the piece, but not wash-out the projection. In my testing this has been challenging.

Speaking of challenging, I’ve been testing the piece in the break room at work. Here’s my testing setup surrounded by file cabinets and a fridge.


Also, because I’m now doing all of my work on the installation itself, reading and writing code has become more challenging (but far more beautiful than a two dimensional screen).


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