More than 2 servos…

With the screen and servo attachments figured out, the next step was to figure out how to control (and power!) more than 2 servos. My buddy Ryan is an electrical genius (he’s getting a PHd in Chips, and seems to not have a website), so he said he’d help with a servo controller. The first step was to prototype on a breadboard connected to an arduino and control the servos via¬†tlc5940arduino, an arduino library for the TI TLC5940 16-Channel PWM chip.

multi-servo-test2 multi-servo-test1 multi-servo-test3


A video of the servos running:

At this point I had moved up to the Hitec HS-485HB’s because I needed a bit more power to push the projection screen. And we realized that the servos used more power than what was listed on the data sheet, and consequently they need a larger heat sync and a beefier power supply. More on this later, but we were able to get the servos moving in isolation, so that’s a step forward.

The next step in the process was to build the servo arm with the laser cut servo arms

servo-assembly servo-attachments servo-attachments2 servo-army

Eventually we moved off the breadboard to a custom controller than Ryan engineered, which would power and control the servos just as the breadboard did.

servo-board servo-board2 servo-board-arduino

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