Small Frame Test

With the projection surface finalized, the next step was planning the frame itself. The amazing Brian Slocum from Lehigh University’s Design Labs was incredibly helpful in this process. We decided a basic scale for the frame (which later changed a bit), and Brian suggested that the servo attachments should be modular so they could be repositioned to align with the projections surface.


This was later scaled down to 8 columns rather than 10. The split in the middle would allow for the piece to be disassembled and transported.

The next step was to create a miniature version of the piece for further prototyping


The “servo” would be attached to the modular wood piece, which would be secured to the frame itself.



Thread prototype on mini-frame.


Which pushes the spandex, which pushes the pushes the foam board. Once that functioned correctly, I moved to an actual servo. I used the HS-311 from Hitec because it was inexpensive and had a reasonable amount of power. Powered and controlled with an arduino:



Servo test with rigid connection:

Servo Test with joint connection:

The view from in front of the foam projection surface:


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